Since 2013 Imstalcon JSC, having the Certificate of Emergency Control Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the right to perform works in the field of industrial safety, provides additional services in the areas as follows:


  • Technical inspection of pressure vessels and pipelines by acoustic emission method;
  • Technical inspection of vertical steel tanks with volume of up to 20 000 m3 with assessment of remaining resource of safe exploitation;
  • Technical inspection of lifting cranes that worked out the standard operating life with the right to issue an expert conclusion.


  • Technological schemes for repair of steel structures of lifting cranes;
  • Construction master plans as part of project documentation;
  • Work execution design for monolithic reinforced concrete structures and erection of steel structures of unique and large span buildings and structures in accordance with Section 5 of CC of RoK 1.03-00-2011 «Construction operations. Organization of the construction of enterprises, buildings and structures»
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