Internal documents

In its day-to-day activities, the Company is governed by the following local normative acts approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders and by the Board of Directors:

  1. Charter of the Joint Stock Company
  2. Corporate Governance Code
  3. Regulations on Dividend Policy
  4. Regulations on the Board of Directors
  5. Regulations on the Internal Audit Service
  6. Regulations on the Corporate Secretary
  7. Company Management Structure
  8. Regulations on the Executive Office
  9. Regulations on the Conduct of Internal Audit of Financial and Economic Activities
  10. Regulations on the award pin “Honorary Erector”, Certificate of Honor and Letter of Gratitude from Imstalcon JSC
  1. Regulations on the Procedure for Development and Adoption of Local Normative Acts of the Company
  2. Regulations on Disclosure of Information and Advertising Activity
  3. Procedure for Holding of Auctions and Securities Subscription
  4. Changed Methodology for Determining the Value of Shares during their Redemption by the Company
  5. Corporate Accounting Policy of the Company
  6. Regulations on Loan Granting for the Acquisition, Construction and Overhaul of Private Housing to the Employees of the Company and its organizations
  7. Rules of Internal Control over the Disposal and Use of the Company’s Insider Information

* You can familiarize yourself with the Regulations at the location of the Company from the Corporate Secretary.