The design firm Imstalcon-Proyekt LLP was established in 2005 on the basis of SDPO (special design and project office) of Imstalcon JSC. The firm has the necessary staff of engineering personnel with higher technical education to carry out design work, as well as the necessary technical equipment, software and regulatory base of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international standards.
Possessing the state license of the II category, Imstalcon-Proyekt LLP provides a wide range of services for its Customers, including:
Architectural design of buildings and structures (of the first or second and third levels of responsibility)
(including: General layouts of the facilities, site preparation, landscaping and grading).
• Process design of industrial purpose facilities
(including: energy generating, processing, medical industry; heavy engineering industry; tower- and mast-type structures; lift-and-carry transfer mechanisms and elevators).
Process engineering of housing and civil buildings and structures
(including: for transport infrastructure and public services; for education, culture, trade, health care, sports and other multifunctional buildings).
Process engineering of transport construction facilities
(including: bridges and bridge crossings, elevated roadways and multilevel transport junctions; automobile roads of all categories; lines of communication of railroad transport).
Process design of infrastructure facilities of transportation, communication and utilities
(including: local area networks, radio- and telecommunications).
Structural design and construction
(including: metal (steel and aluminum) structures; concrete, reinforced concrete, masonry and reinforced masonry structures; footings and foundations).
Design of utility systems and networks
(including: systems of internal and external power supply; external and internal systems of heating, ventilation, conditioning, cold supply, gas supply; external and internal systems of water supply and sewerage; external and internal systems of low-voltage devices – installation of telephone services, security and fire alarm system).
Specialists of Imstalcon-Proyekt LLP will help within short timeframes to carry out design work as assigned by the Client, provide necessary consultations and prepare an optimal technical proposal. Qualification, technical potential and many years of experience of specialists of design engineering firm Imstalcon-Proyekt LLP allow solving all issues connected with design engineering.

Design engineering is carried out at up to date level using computer programs AutoCAD, АВС-4 РС and others.
All projects developed by specialists of Imstalcon – Proyekt LLP undergo optimization of specific consumption of metal, which makes it possible to provide relatively low construction cost. Design engineering process time depends on the complexity of performed assignment, its scope. At average design engineering time makes from 3 weeks up to 1,5 months.
• In the period of 2007 — 2017 Imstalcon – Proyekt LLP developed many projects, including those significant for the Republic of Kazakhstan. These include projects such as:
• Symbol of the Republic of Kazakhstan Astana-Baiterek H=97m with glass ball;
• New building of passenger terminal at airport of Almaty city;
• Aviation passenger terminal in Astana city;
• Sports complex of «Аrystan» NSC in Astana city;
• Main building and workshops of Karashyganak processing complex;
• Crude oil and alkalis tank farm in Tengiz village;
Universal sports and cultural complex with stands for 3000 seats in Shymkent;
Shelters for airplanes «В-737» and «В-767» at the airport of Astana city;
• Public buildings in Astana city;
• Expansion of crude oil tank farm at OPPS (oil processing and pumping shop) of Kalamkas field;
• Compartment for receipt of materials and charge preparation for ore processing of Shaimerden field for Kazzinc JSC;
• Gas injection station in Tengiz village of Atyrau region.
• Construction design documentation on the facilities «New metallurgy» «Kazzinc» JSC;
• Construction design documents on the facility «Passenger cars manufacturing plant «Tulpar -Talgo» in Astana city.

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At each of six structural steel plants of Imstalcon JSC, the design and engineering departments are organized, whose specialists, and their total number is about 200 people, are developing shop drawings, based on design drawings provided by the Customer.
*КМ (metalwork) – a set of documentation that contains load data, drawings, calculations of the structures and connection details, complete specification of a metal.
*КМД (steel structures details) – a set of construction documentation required for manufacturing of steel structures.