Corporate Governance of Imstalcon JSC is based on the justice, honesty, responsibility, accountability, transparency, professionalism and competence.
An efficient structure of the Corporate Governance supposes respect for the rights and interests of all persons interested in the Company activities and contributes to the successful Company’s operation, including the growth of its market value and maintenance of financial stability and profitability.

The principles of Corporate Governance, which Imstalcon JSC adheres to, are aimed at the establishment of credibility in the relations arising in connection with the Company management.

The corporate policy of Imstalcon JSC is based on the main principles:

— the principle of protecting the rights and interests of shareholders;

— the principle of effective management of the Company by the General Meeting of Shareholders, by the Board of Directors and by the Executive Office;

— principles of transparency, timeliness and evenhandedness of disclosure of information about the Company’s operations;

— principles of legality and ethics;

— principles of effective dividend policy.

The structure of the Corporate Governance of Imstalcon JSC complies with the legislation and clearly defines the division of responsibilities between various bodies of the Company.

Adherence to the principles of Corporate Governance facilitates the creation of an efficient approach for conducting a fact-based analysis of the Company’s operations and obtaining appropriate recommendations from analysts, financial advisers, credit rating agencies.

Financial statements of the Company are prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).