Imstalcon Joint-Stock Company offers you cooperation in the field of structural steel design, fabrication and erection. Our powerful production potential and high qualification allow the Company to be one of the leading construction companies in Kazakhstan. Good workmanship, production culture and introduction of new technologies are priorities of our activity. We face the future with confidence and are ready for effective partnership.

In the construction market, Imstalcon JSC offers a huge list of works enabling to satisfy all the customer’s wishes, namely:


  • Turnkey work on construction and erection of steel framed industrial and civil buildings and facilities in seismic regions.
  • Installation of tanks with a volume of up to 20 ths. m3 by rolling method and with a volume of up to 100 ths. m3 by plate-by-plate method.
  • Installations of large-span sports structures and bridge structures of railroad and automobile transport
  • Construction of highway networks of gas and oil pipelines
  • Installation of processing equipment
  • • Installation of tower structures of cellular communication with height of up to 100 m and smoke pipes with height of up to 250 m


  • Frameworks of buildings for industrial and civil purposes, complete with enclosing structures
  • Vertical steel tanks for storage of crude oil and oil products with volume of 100 m3 up to 100 thousand m3
  • Bridge span structures
  • Tower and mast structures


  • Repair of tanks with complete replacement of bottom, manways and nozzles and with partial replacement of corrosion lowest 3 tiers of tank wall
  • Design engineering works