• Design
  • Fabrication of metal structures
  • Construction and installation works
  • Central welding and assembly laboratory
  • Technical Inspection
  • Equipment and Spare Parts Supply


The design firm, TOО “Imstalcon-Proekt,” was established in 2005 based on the Special Design and Engineering Bureau of Imstalcon JSC. The firm has a qualified team of engineering professionals with higher technical education to carry out design work, as well as the necessary technical equipment, software, and regulatory framework of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international standards.

With a first-category state license, LLP "Imstalcon-Proekt" provides a wide range of services for its clients, including:


including: master plans for objects, engineering site preparation, landscaping, and terrain organization


including: energy, processing, medical industries; heavy machinery; tower and mast structures; lifting and transportation devices and elevators


including: for transportation infrastructure and utilities; for education, culture, trade, healthcare, sports, and other multifunctional buildings.


including: bridges and viaducts, transport flyovers and multilevel interchanges; roads of all categories; railway infrastructure.


including: local communication lines, radio, and telecommunications.


including: metal (steel and aluminum) structures; concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, and reinforced stone structures; foundations and footings.


including: external and internal electrical supply systems; external and internal heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and gas supply systems; external and internal water supply and sewage systems; external and internal low-voltage systems - telephony, security, and fire alarm systems.

The specialists of LLP "Imstalcon-Project" will assist in promptly carrying out project works according to the client's requirements, provide necessary consultations, and prepare an optimal technical proposal. The qualification, technical potential, and many years of experience of the specialists at LLP "Imstalcon-Project" enable them to address all issues related to design.

Design is conducted at a modern level using computer programs such as AutoCAD, ABC-4 PC, and others.

All projects developed by the specialists at LLP "Imstalcon-Project" undergo optimization of metal consumption, ensuring comparatively low construction costs.

The duration of the design process depends on the complexity and scope of the project. On average, the design time ranges from 3 weeks to 1.5 months.

During the period from 2007 to 2017,LLP "Imstalcon-Project" has developed numerous projects, including significant ones for the Republic of Kazakhstan. Some of these projects include:

  • Symbol of the Republic of Kazakhstan Astana-Baiterek with a height of 97m and a glass sphere
  • New Passenger Terminal Building at Almaty Airport
  • Aviation Passenger Terminal in Astana
  • Sports Complex for the "Arystan" Service of the National Security Committee in Astana
  • Main Building and Workshops of the Karashaganak Processing Complex
  • Oil and Alkali Tank Park in Tengiz Village
  • Universal Sports and Cultural Complex with a 3,000-seat Tribune in Shymkent
  • Hangars for "B-737" and "B-767" aircraft at Astana Airport
  • Public Buildings in Astana
  • Expansion of the Oil Tank Park at CPPN (Crude Oil Preparation and Pumping Plant) in Kalambak
  • Materials Reception and Blending Department for Ore Processing at the Shaimerden Deposit for JSC KazZinc
  • Gas Injection Station in Tengiz Village, Atyrau Region. Working documentation for "Nova Metallurgia" projects of JSC KazZinc
  • Working documentation for the "Tulpar-Talgo" Passenger Wagon Manufacturing Plant in Astana


Each of the six metal structure plants of "Imstalkon" JSC has organized the work of design departments, employing a total of approximately 200 specialists. These departments are responsible for the development of detailed drawings for metal structures (KMD) based on the construction drawings (KM) provided by the Client.


(Metal Structures) - a set of documentation that includes data on loads, drawings, structural calculations, and complete metal specifications.


(Detailed Metal Structures) - a set of construction documentation required for production to manufacture metal structures.

Architectural design of public buildings and structures is a highly demanded service. This is because without the necessary approval, it would be difficult to put the facility into operation. Contractors require a land development plan for the chosen construction site, along with technical specifications. Special attention should be given to the design of engineering networks. There are stricter requirements and specific industry standards (GOSTs) in this regard.

Designing industrial buildings is equally complex. Errors in the technical documentation can lead to emergencies. Therefore, it is important to entrust such work to a professional. Only an experienced individual can consider all the nuances during the building design process. This is one of the reasons why people turn to our company.

Часто задаваемые вопросы

Design of industrial buildings and residential structures: How does the collaboration process work?
Most contractors want to prepare documents quickly and qualitatively. If they turn to our company, they will definitely not be disappointed. Design and construction of buildings are our main specialization. We provide affordable services and guarantee the following: Promptness, regardless of the price; Compliance of documents with technical norms and state standards; A comprehensive approach to problem-solving; Approval of the project at all levels, which our company takes care of.
Design of industrial buildings and residential structures: How does the collaboration process work?
If you want to construct a building without any issues from regulatory authorities, you must follow all the legal procedures. It's essential to commission the project right from the start, rather than during the construction process. This will help avoid additional expenses associated with modifications and obtaining additional permits. The same approach applies to those who are developing plans for industrial buildings.
Compliance of project documentation with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of construction and technical regulation.
In the case of choosing metal structures, specifications and standards (GOSTs) are crucial. Every contractor who seeks assistance from a professional to execute the architectural design of public buildings understands this. Often, clients request these documents to estimate the cost of the planned construction project. For more detailed information on how the design of industrial and residential buildings is carried out, you can contact our manager.


You can submit an application, ask a question, or request a price quote using the form below:

    Fabrication of metal structures

    The company has six metal construction plants located in the cities of Taraz, Shymkent, Karaganda, Rudny, Pavlodar, and Ust-Kamenogorsk.


    The plants are equipped with a sufficient range of metal processing and welding equipment, which enables the production of any metal structures that meet the requirements of current regulatory documents and standards in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    The total capacity of the plants is approximately 100,000 tons of metal structures per year.

    Only high-quality raw materials and materials from leading Kazakhstani, Russian, and European manufacturers that comply with international standards are used for the production of metal structures.


    Ensuring the quality of the manufactured products is achieved through careful control at all stages of production, including incoming inspection of raw materials and materials, in-process control during production, and final quality control of the finished products carried out by quality departments at the plants.


    To ensure the safety during transportation, a delivery scheme (by road or railway) is developed for each order, as well as a packaging and loading scheme.


    Our specialization includes the manufacturing of buildings from metal structures, providing design services, and more. The company constructs frameworks and modernizes pre-existing elements. To accomplish this, our employees possess both experience and equipment. We utilize mechanical and gas steel cutting techniques and have access to lathe and milling machines. These are modern automated units that operate with high precision. Their use significantly simplifies the production of metal structures..


    The welding technologies used by our company encompass three options: manual welding, gas shielded welding, and arc welding. To protect against corrosion, we employ abrasive cleaning, hydrodynamic painting, and hot-dip galvanizing. These measures will extend the service life of the structure by 5-7 years.



    Including: trusses, columns, support beams, floor beams, purlins, embedded items, bracing.


    Building frames for industrial and civil purposes, complete with cladding structures – wall and roof panels of the “Sandwich” type with mineral wool insulation made of basalt fiber.


    Including: screen overpasses, loading and unloading overpasses, and overpasses for technological pipelines.


    Possible types of materials used: beams, channels, angles, and profile pipes.





    Including: vertical and horizontal steel tanks for storing crude oil and petroleum products with a capacity ranging from 100 to 100,000 cubic meters.

    Fast-erect buildings

    Non-standard constructions

    Any non-standard constructions according to the Customer’s drawings

    We will be useful to the following enterprises:

    Owners of woodworking and food industry enterprises: We have more than 100 regular clients in these industries who are satisfied with the results and turn to us for the first necessity of workspace modernization.

    Our metal construction manufacturing plant is also ready to collaborate with:

    Municipal enterprises

    Contractors specializing in fast-track construction projects

    Agricultural companies

    Enterprises requiring modernization of conveyor lines

    Shipbuilding and machinery manufacturing firms

    The cost of manufacturing metal structures per ton varies in each case. Expenses depend on the grade of the chosen material and the specifics of delivery. Call our managers and you will be able to find out the exact amount. With us, there are no markups or hidden commissions. People who have placed orders for the manufacturing of metal structures have already experienced this.

    The manufacturing process

    The process of manufacturing metal structures consists of the following main stages:









    Our metal construction manufacturing plant is also ready to cooperate with:

    Municipal enterprises

    Contractors specializing in the construction of fast-erecting structures

    Agricultural companies

    Enterprises in need of conveyor line modernization

    Shipbuilding and machinery companies

    The metal construction manufacturing of Imstalcon JSC is equipped with technological lines for cutting blanks from profiled rolled metal, cutting metal on sheet shears, linear sheet cutting, hole drilling, rolling of blanks, straightening and bending of sheet metal, electric welding on automatic and semi-automatic machines, surface cleaning, priming, and painting.


    During the metal processing, cutting is one of the most labor-intensive and complex operations, which is performed using several methods depending on the type of production, type and size of blanks, and profile of rolled metal.


    The process of blank processing includes operations such as hole drilling, straightening of sheet metal, and its bending. For these purposes, the company’s plants are equipped with all the necessary equipment for high-quality production.


    The bending of sheet metal is carried out using the cold method. The sheet bending equipment allows for complex spatial bending of metal. The use of programmable 3-axis stops significantly speeds up the manufacturing process while maintaining high accuracy in sheet bending. The UBBDA 80/3150 sheet bending machine by Ernst Holman Magdeburg can roll sheets up to 80 mm thick and 3150 mm wide.

    You can submit an application, ask a question, or request a price quote using the form below:

      Construction and installation works

      To carry out construction and installation works at Imstalcon JSC, there are 16 specialized installation firms located in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, employing 3,400 installers and over 500 engineering and technical personnel. The installation firms have around 1,000 units of large construction equipment and crane equipment with a lifting capacity ranging from 16 to 150 tons. The total area of the production bases of the installation firms is approximately 100,000 square meters.


      Construction and installation works have always been in high demand. Assistance from specialists is needed for the construction of shops or garages, the erection of bridges, and the installation of engineering communications. In each case, the cost of construction and installation works will vary. Expenses depend on the quality of the metal and the complexity of the work. With us, the estimated cost of construction and installation works will be known from the beginning.

      The production and assembly of metal structures are the core activities of our company. We specialize in executing projects for the fuel and shipbuilding industries

      Our Advantages

      Customers who decide to order electrical installation works are always demanding when it comes to the quality of the supplied products and completed tasks. That is why our employees are extremely meticulous. They perform their work with high quality, regardless of the price of the installation services. This is possible thanks to the experience and knowledge possessed by our engineers. Among our other advantages are:


      Having our own metal structure manufacturing plants


      Welding joints are controlled by our own Central Welding and Assembly Laboratory.


      We complete the work on time or even ahead of schedule, thanks to the technical equipment of our installation companies (over 1,000 units of specialized machinery).


      We offer the most competitive price for the installation of 1 ton of metal structures.


      The assembly of building structures is a complex and responsible technological process that requires strict adherence to all construction technology requirements. The installation of all elements begins after the completion of the manufacturing of the structural metal components and the construction of the building’s supporting structure.


      The installation of the structure falls into the category of high-risk construction work, therefore significant attention is given to ensuring safety at the construction site. Cranes, construction machinery, welding equipment, and metal cutting tools are used for carrying out the installation work. Thus, electrical supply is organized at the assembly site before starting the installation of these components. The installation of metal structures is carried out according to the technological plan and project documentation. The connection of the metal frame elements can be achieved through welding or bolting methods.


      Metal structures can be assembled using complex, flow-line, or mixed technology. Complex technology involves performing work on a specific designated section, after which the next section is taken up. In flow-line technology, the assembly of all structural elements is carried out in a single operation. Mixed assembly combines the features of the two aforementioned technologies.

      You can submit an application, ask a question, or request a price quote using the form below:

        Central welding and assembly laboratory

        The evaluation of the quality of construction structures is an important stage in the construction of any building. Due to the nature of such work, it is advisable to entrust the inspection to professionals. If it’s the engineers from our company, you can be assured of satisfaction. The presence of our own laboratory allows us to take a comprehensive approach to solving any customer problem. With us, you not only receive materials or ready-made frameworks but also receive a certification of their strength and durability.

        The joint-stock company "Imstalkon" is a member of the independent association "Kazweld" and is part of the International Welding Institute.

        Having its own Central Assembly and Welding Laboratory, JSC “Imstalkon” has the capability to conduct a detailed evaluation of the quality of its products.


        The laboratory specialists perform the following types of work for quality control of welded joints:




        • BEND TESTING

        The specialists, inspectors, and defectoscopists of AO “Imstalcon” have relevant certificates of completion of training courses and continuously improve their practical professional level in the Mangistau, Atyrau, and West Kazakhstan regions.


        The laboratory of AO “Imstalcon” is equipped with all types of measuring instruments for determining the quality of welded joints using physical (non-destructive) methods of control and instruments for destructive testing (mechanical testing).

        In 2012, the Certification Center of AO “Imstalcon” was established within the Central Assembly-Welding Laboratory for the certification and re-certification of welding production specialists at levels I, II, and III, as well as specialists in non-destructive testing in the following areas:


        • visual Inspection (VI) method
        • ultrasonic testing (UT) method
        • radiographic testing (RT) method
        • liquid Penetrant testing (PT) method
        • magnetic particle testing (MT) method

        JSC “Imstalcon” pays great attention to the training and education of personnel, especially in the field of skilled trades. The production base of the Central Laboratory regularly conducts training and testing for electric welders using advanced welding methods. A training center has been established within the laboratory premises, where training in welding is provided using equipment from companies such as ESAB, Lincoln, and Fronius. Additionally, certification of welding production specialists at levels I and II is conducted at the training center.

        You can submit an application, ask a question, or request a price quote using the form below:

          Technical Inspection

          Since 2013, AO “Imstalcon” has been providing additional services in the following areas, having the Certificate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the right to perform work in the field of industrial safety:

          • Construction organization projects within the scope of design documentation.
          • Projects for the production of works on monolithic reinforced concrete structures and installation of unique and large-span buildings and structures in accordance with the requirements of SN RK 1.03-00-2022 "Construction Production. Organization of Construction of Enterprises, Buildings, and Structures."
          Our main advantage is a comprehensive approach

          Our company offers a complete range of services to each client, starting from the design of the required structure and ending with the execution of all types of work. You can also order the fabrication of metal structures at our factories, installation of metal structures for any construction, or conduct technical inspections of lifting cranes. In case of need, assistance in design is provided. Our company’s engineers are capable of developing and manufacturing practically any structure at a professional level. This applies to buildings, large-span structures, plants, bridges, and more. Among the main reasons to entrust your project to us are the following:

          The evaluation is carried out by experienced engineers
          The client will receive a full package of documents
          All work is completed within fixed deadlines
          The cost is negotiable

          Both for traditional building structures and bridges, various factors influence the complexity of the project and its cost estimation. These factors include the location of the project, investor requirements, and architectural specifications. In any case, it is necessary to start with design and documentation preparation. This will help determine the approximate expenses associated with the implementation. Technical inspection of buildings should be conducted at every stage of construction.

          You can submit an application, ask a question, or request a price quote using the form below:

            Equipment and Spare Parts Supply

            The provision of machinery and spare parts is one of the additional aspects of our company’s work. We offer comprehensive services and deal with various types of equipment. We make every effort to ensure that the assembly and installation of metal structures for construction projects are carried out quickly and without any issues. This is why we constantly upgrade our machines and equipment.

            Why should you buy parts from us?

            The availability of spare parts is a result of our continuous equipment modernization. This applies to metal processing machines and specialized equipment. The cost of the parts and materials we sell is discussed individually with each client. You can contact us using the form below to discuss all aspects.

            You can submit an application, ask a question, or request a price quote using the form below: