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Imstalcon Joint-Stock Company Mission

Consists in structural steelwork design and fabrication for industrial and housing & civil buildings, structures; pressure vessels; crude oil and petroleum products storage tanks of any capacity; performance of construction and erection work, while fulfilling the requirements of customers and having the desire to exceed their expectations.

Powerful production potential and highly skilled staff capable to tackle complex production and erection issues is the major asset of the Company. The Company does appreciate and remember its best traditions and experience acquired over semi-centennial operation through establishing industrial complex of Kazakhstan.

The motto of Imstalcon JSC is the following expression:

Quality and reliability is the key to success!


Imstalcon JSC offers to its Customers design documentation, wide range of high-quality structural steelwork, construction and erection work in a timely, reliable and workmanlike manner.


With respect to its Partners Imstalcon JSC places a stake on constructive co-operation and mutual success.


For the Employees, Imstalcon JSC is a potential opportunity for professional growth, motivated salary.


In the Republic of Kazakhstan Imstalcon JSC is an active maker of the gross national product (GNP), reliable taxpayer offering good job opportunities for Kazakhstan citizens.


For shareholders, Imstalcon JSC grants the right to participate in business management, boost gains in equity, and enhance the social image in the society.

Priority growth areas of Imstalcon Joint-Stock Company are as follows:

  1. Conservation of the traditions and professional development of Company employees
  2. Implementation of advanced methods and know-how in construction sector
  3. Project management using up-to-date management systems
  4. Continuous improvement of the system efficiency: Quality Management, Environmental Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management that meet the requirements of international and state standards – ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
  5. Compliance with the legislative and other statutory and regulatory requirements in the construction industry, HSE requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  6. Arrangement of the safe working conditions

Imstalcon Joint-Stock Company believes that maintaining the goodwill at a high level, conduct of an open and honest business, improving the corporate culture and using the best world’s practices of corporate governance are key to the future success of the Company.

Just compliance with all legal norms does not provide operational excellence. It is impossible to achieve sustainable development of the Company on a long-term horizon without prior confidence of shareholders, investors, partners, customers and employees of the Joint-Stock Company. In its business practice, the Company considers it necessary not to disregard the aspects of the activity significant for the community as a whole and not to avoid responsibility with respect to all the above-mentioned parties.

In addition to the Company’s regulatory documents, in the form of the Company’s Charter and internal regulations, the Code of Business Ethics of Imstalcon JSC was developed and approved by the Board of Directors.

The Code of Business Ethics is a body of ethical principles and conduct of business rules of the Company, which is based on occupational standards and moral and ethical values adopted in the society. Defining uniform criteria of moral values, the code regulates the conscientious behavior of employees within the Company and their relationship with stakeholders, supports in the team an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect and decency. Timely identification and prevention of potential risks associated with violation of ethical standards, allows us to maintain and enhance credibility to the Company on the part of the business community and strengthen its reputation as an open and honest market participant.

The Code complies with generally accepted international standards of business conduct and ethics and is mandatory for compliance by all executives, officers and employees of the Company.


The personnel of Imstalcon JSC has always seen its task in improving the quality of services provided, increasing the competitiveness of manufactured steel structures, improving the techniques of construction and installation works, enhancing the overall production culture, meeting the work execution deadlines, maintaining the ecological balance and industrial safety.

Enterprises of the Joint-Stock Company are serviced by one accredited Central Erection and Welding Laboratory (Almaty) and two own certified laboratories (Karaganda and Taraz) that continuously verify the quality of welded joints in the manufacture of steel structures and the quality of performance of construction and installation works.
In 2012, a certified center for training, retraining and advanced professional training of specialists in the field of industrial safety (Almaty) was organized.

To improve the quality of work, new structural steel design, fabrication and erection technologies meeting the up-to-date construction requirements are being constantly mastered.

Since 2000, an integrated management system has been developed and successfully implemented meeting the requirements of international and state standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. It is annually checked by the experts of the Certification Association “Russian Register Eurasia” and “Kazakhstan Quality Center” LLP.

Joint Stock Company “Imstalkon” appreciates and values ​​every customer. The company is very important opinion of our customers about the quality of the work performed, compliance with contractual terms and other obligations. In its work, the Company makes every effort to ensure that our customers always remain satisfied with the services and continue to cooperate with us

The Company’s customers include such large State and private companies as

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