The main focus of our personnel policy is to provide the enterprises of the Company with highly qualified personnel who are oriented towards long-term collaboration.

Great attention is given in the Company to the continuous professional education of employees in accordance with the procedures of the Company's Management System.

To fully unlock the potential of our personnel, the Mobile Training Center has been successfully operating since 2007. It provides training and qualification improvement for managers, specialists, and installation team leaders directly at the enterprises. The training sessions are conducted according to the approved 60-hour program. The teaching staff includes the leading technical specialists of the Company with extensive theoretical and practical experience.

Accredited by the Central Installation and Welding Laboratory, the certification and recertification of welding masters, welders, and non-destructive testing specialists from subsidiary organizations are carried out by the employees.


When applying for a job, you need to have the following documents:

  1. identification document;
  2. military service record (for those who have served in the military);
  3. educational certificates;
  4. employment record book.