The personnel of AO "Imstalcom" have always seen their task in improving the quality of services provided, increasing the competitiveness of manufactured metal structures, improving construction and installation technologies, enhancing the overall production culture, adhering to production deadlines, preserving environmental balance, and ensuring production safety.

The enterprises of the Joint-Stock Company are serviced by one accredited laboratory (Almaty) and two certified in-house laboratories (Karaganda and Taraz), which continuously monitor the quality of welded joints during the manufacture of metal structures and the quality of construction and installation work.

In 2012, an accredited center for the training, retraining, and qualification improvement of specialists in the field of industrial safety (Almaty) was established. To enhance the quality of work, new technologies for designing, manufacturing, and installing structures that meet modern construction requirements are constantly being adopted.

Since 2000, an integrated management system has been developed and successfully implemented, complying with the requirements of international and state standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001. This system is annually audited by experts from the Eurasian Register and Kazakhstan Quality Center LLP.

Policy on Integrated Management System